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All of our comics are in Very Fine to Near Mint condition and more than 90% of them are only $1 each! They are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse.

Please feel free to download our most current catalog by clicking here. If you would like to view the catalog online, click here.
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The books are in Alphabetical and Numerical order, with the last two tabs being our 60% off retail books and our 50% off books.

There are over 60,000 books so the lists might take a little while to download depending on what letter you are looking at and your internet speed!

How do I order?
How much is postage?
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Ordering is Simple!

If you want some books, send an email to info@pyramid-comics.com . In the subject part of your email write ORDER and in the body of the email, list the title and issue numbers you want and include your address. We will then send you a paypal invoice using the email that you sent the order with. Once you pay, we will then pick the books from our warehouse and mail them out. It usually takes about a week to get the books in the mail.

We will mail the books out as media mail unless you send us a note asking for priority. It is hard to tell you exactly how much it will cost until the books are picked. Five trade paperback books are heavier than 5 regular books. We do promise you that we will only charge an extra $2 for handling on top of the USPS shipping charge to cover materials. There are none except we ask that you order at least $20 worth of books at a time. We are sure you can at least find that many books you want. If you want to order less, please contact us using info@pyramid-comics.com to see what we can do. We are retired comic shop owners that have decided to sell our overstock online. If you are interested in our customer service record, you can check our feedbacks on eBay. Our usernames are trangeman and pyramidcomics. From time to time we will be putting some of our higher quality books up on eBay!